Be More Likable in Any Situation by Following the “Platinum Rule”

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The Golden Rule—treat others as you want to be treated—has a fatal flaw: it assumes that all people want to be treated the same way. It ignores that people are motivated by vastly different things… The Platinum Rule—treat others as they want to be treated—corrects that flaw. You’ve probably been told the “golden rule” at some point in your life, … Read More

How to File a Complaint Against Your ISP and Finally Solve Your Problems


Nearly everyone hates their internet provider. If you have a problem with your ISP and calling customer service fails, you now have another option: filing a complaint with the FCC. Now, more than ever, this can be an effective way to get your problem resolved. Here’s how to do it. As we briefly talked about last week, the FCC’s new … Read More

What to Avoid When Picking Lumber for Your Woodworking Project


We talked about saving money buying lumber from a distributor, but here’s what to look for when buying individual pieces of wood.… When you are ready to up your woodworking game, it’s time to start buying wood straight from a… Read more Read more Get picky when buying wood (no matter what the grade) and don’t just settle for what’s … Read More